Sheriff's Corner

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Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office News and Events.








Sheriff's Office Activity Reports for the Second Quarter of 2017.

 Sheriff's Office Activity  
 Accidents  17
 Fatal Accidents  0
 Criminal Cases  40
 Complaints  63
 Arrests  7
 Ass't Health & Human Services  4
 Ass't Other Agencies  18
 Mental Complaints  2
 Motor Vehicle Inspections  83
 Gun Certificates Issued  16
 Civil Process Served  87
 Public Relations Programs  6
 Sex Offenders Registered or Verified  7
 Coroner Calls  3
 Sheriff's Sales  0
 Communications Activity  
 911 Emergency Calls  154
 Public Service Phone Calls  2489
 Fire Department Calls & Pages  129
 Ambulance Calls & Pages  306
 Jail Activity  
Arrest Records Processed  8
Charged with Misdemeanors  5
Charged with Felonies  3
Alcohol related  3
Meals Prepared & Served  396
Average Inmate Daily Population  1.5
Jail Tours  0