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Rural address information for Hitchcock County.

This page was updated on March 16, 2010.

  The purpose for the for the E-911 rural addressing.

The goal of the rural addressing project was to improve dispatching of emergency vehicles to rural homes in Hitchcock County. Sequential road numbers were assigned to rural roads forming a "grid system" which covers the entire county. The new addresses consist of a 5-digit rural address and a 3-digit road or drive number. All roads that run on or near section lines will be called a "RD (Road)", and any road that doesn't run on or near a section line will be called a "DR (Drive)". Other roads that meander or dead end were given names. Village residents who have rural mail delivery will be issued their street address as their rural address.

Residents are encouraged to display the 5-digit number of their rural address on their rural mail box. 

If you are considering new construction of a rural home or plan to move in a modular or mobile home into any rural area of Hitchcock County. You should contact the Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office and make application for a new rural address.