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The Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office warrant list was last updated on August 1, 2013.

Listed below will be the individual's last name, first name, and last known city and state.

The double asterisks ** indicate that the individual could be extradited. 

A - F


  • Anderson, Ace A., Unknown 
  • Anderson, Bradley D., Norton, KS
  • Anthony, Terry R., Billings, MT
  • Barnett, Brian L., Norton, KS
  • Bass, Christopher, Herndon, KS
  • Beal, Travis J., Atwood, KS
  • Behrendt, Jason D., Denver, CO
  • Bell, Brandie L., State of Colorado
  • Bell, Stacey, L., State of Colorado
  • Benne, Terry, A., State of Nebraska
  • Blagg, Heath T., Oran, MO
  • Brewer, Ralph W., State of Colorado **
  • Brown, Kelly, Loveland, CO
  • Burns, Steve, Colfax, IL
  • Campbell, Daren, Unknown address
  • Carnes, Gerald, State of Texas **
  • Carter, Anthony D., Champion, NE
  • Carter, Theodore C., Lawrence, KS
  • Caruso, Michael, J., Kremmling, CO
  • Cole, John II, Unknown address
  • Crouch, Andrew A., Unknown address
  • Davenport, Anthony W., Denver, CO
  • Degarmo, Kenneth L., Vona, CO
  • Dickey, Alic, Grant, NE
  • Dickson, William B., Unknown address
  • Doyle, Shane M., Alpine, CA
  • Ebert, Art D.,Unknown
  • Ebert, Randell S.,State of Texas
  • Eckert, Abby N., North Platte, NE
  • Ehlers, Eric, McCook, NE
  • Eisenbraun, Jason, Unknown
  • Fickle, Marie K., McCook, NE
  • Fowler, Gerald C., Unknown **

G - L
  • Ganzales, Shannon, North Glen, CO 
  • Garcia, Mark H., Colby, KS
  • Garcia, Yvonne Y., Denver, CO
  • Garner, Billy D., McCook, NE
  • Ginther, Brent L., McDonald, KS
  • Gonzalez, Pito, P., Pueblo, CO
  • Gutierres, Jesus, G., Watertown, IA
  • Hanson, Timothy, McCook, NE
  • Hicks, Heather, State of WY
  • Hilderbrand, Reese V., McCook, NE
  • Hobbs, Andrea A., McCook, NE
  • Hughes, Matthew T., Indianapolis, IN **
  • Hull, Jarod S., Bellevue, NE
  • Hunter, Noah, Peyton, CO 
  • Inman, Kimberely, Arapahoe, NE
  • Irwin, Andrew, Elm Creek, NE
  • Jackson, Scott,Unknown **
  • Johns, Jeremiah, Eureka, CA
  • Johnson, Samantha, Unknown
  • Kahm, Dean, Missouri Valley, IA
  • Kear, Tommy, Herdon, KS
  • Keller, Howard, Colorado
  • Kemp, Robbie, North Platte, NE
  • League, Donna, Canada
  • Leigh, Johnson, Colorado Springs, CO **
  • Lopez, Jackie, Elizabeth, CO
  • Lopez, Jesus, Arlington, TX
  • Lovato, Cindy, Kansas



M - Z
  • Mather,Jamie, Imperial, NE 
  • McGehee, Patrick S., State of TX
  • Merdell, Richard L., Ft. Morgan, CO
  • Middleton, Christina, Moument, KS
  • Moody, Paul, D., McCook, NE
  • Mullin, James, Alvin, TX
  • Nelson, Zyle D., Unknown
  • Orona, Manuel, Ft. Lupton, CO
  • Owens, Amy, Auburn, NE
  • Parks, Scott, Lakewood, CO
  • Pena, David, Parker, CO
  • Pitner, Jerry, Atwood, KS
  • Plunkett, Tina, Wauneta, NE
  • Ponce, Gilberto, Unknown address
  • Recio, Leslie L., Byers, CO
  • Rodriquez, John, Jr., Commerce City, CO
  • Rogers, Blue, Sheldon, KS
  • Russell, Christopher, J., Chester, OK
  • Saine, Penny L., Hayes Center, NE  
  • Schwing, Erin N., McCook, NE
  • Shugart, Cindy, Cheyenne, WY
  • Smith, Brady, Wichita, KS
  • Smith, John W., Holyoke, CO
  • Smith, Sterling, McCook, NE
  • Sprague, Elise M., Atwood, KS
  • Sramek, Austin L., Max, NE
  • Stone, Zulema, Unknown address
  • Strimple, James E., McCook, NE
  • Sydow, Russell, State of Colorado
  • Tech, Paul M., Colby, KS
  • Thompson, Mary, North Platte, NE
  • Top, Eric, W., Lincoln, NE
  • Towery, Michael, Quinter, KS
  • Walker, Ronald, Unknown
  • Walton, Nathan F., Danbury, NE
  • Watts, Michael A., Denver, CO
  • Werner, Crystal, Hays, KS
  • White, Brad, Unknown

If you know the whereabouts of any of these individuals. Please contact the Hitchcock County Sheriff's Office.